①Noto pork patty/¥1,000
②Shrimp and scallops ajillo/1,500
③Charcoal-grilled red sea bream/¥1,200
④Charcoal grilled Noto chicken/1,700
⑤Charcoal-grilled stew of duck meat/¥2,200
⑥Stewed beef tail in red wine/¥2,630
⑦Seasonal crab gratin/¥2,200
⑧Oyster ajillo/¥1,500
⑨Beef cutlet meat grilled steak/¥2,900
⑩ Raw ham and persimmon salad/¥1,500
⑪Turban shell bourguignon(2p)/¥1,300
⑫Sweet shrimp and tree roe gratin/¥1,500
⑬Abalone seaweed sauce/¥3,000
⑭Grilled raclette cheese/¥1,900
⑮Penne Gorgonzola/¥2,300
⑯Seiko crab pasta /¥2,700

《Charcoal grill》
⑱Noto oysters/¥900
⑲Kaga lotus root/¥800
⑳White onion/¥500
㉑Green asparagus/¥900
㉒Noto pork/¥1,800
㉓Noto beef/¥6,000